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Company Profile

Pulluk Bıçakları Industry and Trade Limited Company was founded in 1972.  The company has produced various ploughshares, cultivator goosefeet shares with an experience and success for almost 35 years.  We provide qualified, steady and guaranteed products produced over years to our farmers and businessmen.

The company supports all farmers with ten thousands of ploughs from developing Turkey of the globalizing world. We acknowledge that presenting the vital needs within healthier conditions in the growing world is possible to increase the agricultural fields without disrupting the balance and developing the modern agriculture.

Ends of the ploughshares are filled and they are produced as resistant to the impacts with a special alloy; and heat treatment is applied.  Ploughshares have an experiment report from Faculty of Agriculture and T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and they have a superior resistance when compared with the equivalents.  We will continue on supporting the farmers of the world with works on the way to be a world brand and accept such works as a national responsibility.